For over 30 years, Cynthia Brannon Interiors has been a professional, full-service interior design firm in the Long Beach, California area.

 We provide detailed professional drawings of our designs. This means that you, the client, get the most accurate bids and know exactly how your room will look before the process starts. Changes are made before work begins, saving time, money and heartache.

 We specialize in residential projects of all sizes and are available to travel for projects out of the state or country. Whether you are redesigning an existing family room or building a dream home from the ground up, we can seamlessly blend in with your team and ‘hit the ground running.’

 Many designers have a ‘signature’ look. Their projects can be picked out of a magazine by their similarities. We do it differently. When your family’s lifestyle and tastes are well represented, we considers that a successful project. Your needs and preferences are of the utmost importance to us. The goal is that your friends and family visit your newly completed home and remark that it looks ‘just like you!’

 We develop a ‘vocabulary’ for your job. It is a precise description of your ultimate outcome and is used as a reference point in all decisions. A notebook is developed to accompany your project. This keeps the mountain of information and details organized and ready for sharing when needed. Our drawings are incorporated into the architect set and are always be present at the job site.

 Because of our exceptional organizational methods, many of the stressful experiences that can accompany construction of a new home or remodeling projects simply don’t occur. General contractors and other professionals on the team enthusiastically welcome our years of experience. 



Cynthia Brannon, C.I.D.

Cynthia received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architectural Design from California State University at Long Beach and has been certified by the California Council of Interior Design Qualifiers since its inception. She loves snow skiing, football and gardening. She has the philosophy that there are no bad colors. There are only bad applications of colors. “Your fuchsia lipstick is fabulous but as a stucco color,… maybe not.”


Susan Graham, Bookeeper 

Susan has an Interior Design degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked in custom furniture sales prior to working for Cynthia as her bookkeeper.   She is a mom to 2 adorable children, sings soprano in the Long Beach Choral and Chamber Orchestra and loves to bake.  She loves coming to work to see all the beautiful items Cynthia selects for her clients.


Ashley Eckenrod, Interior Design Assistant

Born and raised in Southern California, Ashley is a recent graduate from California State University Long Beach.  She recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architectural Design in May of 2014.  From an early age, she was constantly transforming her bedroom into different configurations and looks.  She loves the challenges and problem solving that come along with design, "There is never a dull moment and I am always learning something new".  When Ashley is not designing she loves to sew, draw, dance, and travel the world!