"I absolutely loved working with Cynthia.  She took my wishlist and made it a reality.  I'm so happy with the look and quality of everything that she did.  She is an absolute professional and pleasure to work with." 

Erin Easthope. Newport Beach, CA


"We had an opportunity to work with Cynthia when we built our new home on Rivo Alto Canal. Cynthia did the entire interior of our home, i.e. the lighting, the stone and surfaces, all the cabinetry, interior paint/colors, and the continuity of the theme of the home. She was very helpful and responsive to our needs and ideas and was available throughout the entire project. She was involved with the different trades people and would answer any questions they had. Because of her hands on involvement, our job went smoothly and was completed on time. We were very pleased with the final results and would highly recommend her services."

Mark & Betty Hercus, Naples, CA        

We had our very own' dream team' for our whole house remodel. Our contractor, architect and Cynthia Brannon worked so well together it made the entire project an absolute pleasure to experience. We were in love with our original plans. When we showed them to Cynthia she made a couple suggestions to our Great Room layout that were a huge improvement in how we used the space and how the foot traffic would move around it. We love the finished product because it's so comfortable. Two years later, we still get neighbors commenting on how much they like our house.

Mike & Debbie Burk, Long Beach, CA

"The thing that sets Cynthia apart from other designers and most decorators is her architectural training and experience. When confronted with details not covered in the architectural plans,she can jump in and design detailed solutions that enhance the overall home. She would be an asset on any project."

Nancy Sands, Naples, CA

I work with all the top designers in the Los Angeles/Orange County area and I chose Cynthia to help me design and illuminate my new gallery. I get compliments almost everyday!"

Carol Westervelt, Westervelt's Fine Art, Laguna Hills, CA

"Our architect introduced us to Cynthia Brannon while we were drawing our dream home plans. She was VERY helpful with floor plans, furniture and interior architectural details that made the project more successful. With so many decisions to make, she kept us on track and organized. She really listened to our ideas and helped us make choices that fit our design goals. We now have a home that has brought our family so much pride and enjoyment."

Pam Mundy, Seal Beach, CA


"Cynthia accomplished what was a seemingly impossibly task: balancing two strong opinions in such a way as to create a harmonious house that feels like both voices were heard and belong there. She made the entire renovation process not only bearable, but fun!"

Rocky Schmidt, Long Beach, CA


"Working with Cynthia in designing and remodeling my 7 bedroom home on the beach in Naples was an amazing experience.  Her sense of calm helped me in the darkest days of construction and her sense of design helped create a home that works for our entire family.  keeping me organized with her notebooks of color and fabric samples was a miracle considering the extent of the remodel we undertook. We entertained informally quite a bit and I have overheard guests many time remarking on the beauty of our home.  The best part of our collaboration was that we became good friends.  Shes awesome!"

Lindsay Fields, Naples, CA



Modern Moroccan

My husband and I have very eclectic tastes, and we appreciate most genres of design, particularly modern twists on old world flare.  So it was difficult to decide on a style and overall theme for our custom remodeled home.  On top of that, we had to make sure that the interior design fit our feng shui requirements for each of our 7 member household.  Our feng shui master gave us specific guidelines of what colors and elements to use for each room, and for each person. Though it narrowed the parameters, it still felt overwhelming because we weren't sure how to make the colors, shapes and elements all go together in a way that looked upscale and pleasing rather than gaudy and cluttered. That's when I decided to hire an interior designer. Cynthia helped us nail down our style of home as Modern Moroccan.  That way we could bring in a bit of rustic old world with some subtle Asian designs that would not look out of place. She met with our contractor, sub-contractors and us many times, to really make use of our 3,000 sq.ft. space.  Everything was well thought out from the form and function of our cabinetry to the trim, moldings and custom designed lighting.  She chose tile, paint and wood colors that kept the Moroccan theme and stayed true to our feng shui requirements. We love that the simplicity of the style willallow us to change our style a bit in a couple decades. She was great at working with the contractors to find ways around construction difficulties to ensure that our design vision came through as we dreamed. And what a vision it is! Our house is simple and 1-story, but many have been impressed by its functionality and timeless details. Thank you Cynthia for helping us build a home that we can enjoy for many years to come - one that we would be proud to pass on to our children's children!

Cheryl & Edgar O.